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December 9, 2018

Why you should get a professional to polish your concrete floor | Concrete Grinding Gold Coast

In our last post we talked about the top 5 tips for grinding your floor but we had a heap of feedback from people saying that it was good content but a little complex. We agree, which is why this next post is so relevant. As a concrete grinding specialist we have seen many DIY jobs go pear shaped.

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing building it is important to make sure the job is done properly. A well done professional looking job will add value to your property, but a poor finish can adversely affect its valve. Some things a good handyman can do and do well, saving a huge amount of money, but some things are best left to the professionals to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Grinding and polishing your concrete floor is one of these for the following reasons:

  • Specialised Equipment

Operating floor grinding and polishing machinery is a real art and takes a lot of experience practice and patience to learn the correct techniques to easily do a perfect job. Knowing the right type of grinder and polisher for various jobs come with experience, some jobs will require dry grinding and polishing whereas others would best be done using a wet grinding operation. Concrete grinding and polishing, requires specialised machines that are expensive and most jobs need several different types to get the best results.

One machine is used for small tight corners and edges, especially doorways and inside walk-in cupboards pantries and bathrooms where space is limited. These areas need extra skill as the grinder polisher head (the diamond cutting disk) is much smaller and more difficult to control. These areas need particular care as any slight mistake shows up much more than in a large area.

A floor grinder polisher is a high speed spinning disk that takes a small amount off the surface at a time. The operator needs to keep the cutting disk in a constant and rhythmic motion at all times as it can quickly take too much off and gouge out a hollow that will be very difficult to remove later.

  • All concrete is not the same

When you’re building a new building you have the advantage of being able to specify just what is used in your concrete slab and floor. You can add the type of aggregate’s that will give the effect you require. Some people wish for a floor that has a certain coloration or effect incorporated into it, these need to be added when  the concrete is poured during construction.

An existing floor was probably made without any consideration given to its appearance as in the past, most concrete floors were tiled, carpeted or had other coverings, so this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding how to grind and polish the floor.

A professional floor grinder and polisher will know the simplest and most cost effect method of removing any floor coverings, whether they are tiles, carpets, lino or how to go about polishing the floor if it has been perversely polished.

  • Cost effective

Being able to quickly evaluate the necessary amount of work and total cost of the whole job is something that can only be done by someone who has a good working knowledge and experience of floor polishing

There are many hire companies where you can hire the necessary equipment to do the job and they will even give you some great tips. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake and take too much off or grind it unevenly, it can be very time consuming and costly to repair

Before you start it is best to decide just what you want to achieve when polishing your floor. Are you looking to make a floor that impresses people and adds real value to your home or are you only concerned with doing a job that is adequate for you and your family’s present needs?

Are you working on a budget and thinking about your time and the total cost?

Having the job done by an experienced professional means it would be finished quickly and guaranteed with the bonus of not having the stress and worry. Most people would probably be better working their normal job and paying a professional to grind and polish their concrete floor as they offer very competitive rates and can give a much wider range of options than when doing it yourself

  • Added Value

Having a wonderful polished concrete floor adds a tremendous value to your home, making your place look special. They are very impressive and practical, being durable, easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

  • Complications

An experienced concrete floor polisher will first access the floor to see if there are any defects that will need to be repaired and to check that the floor is stable. Once they have determined the individual concrete floors, quality and structure they decide on the next step. This takes experience and practical knowledge.

Sometimes old floors have faults that can be repaired and made into a nice feature giving you have a truly unique design. At times it may be more economical and practical to resurface the floor with a special cement mix. This has the advantage of allowing you to choose the type and colour of the aggregate used so that your polished floor matches your desired décor


Picking the right finish

Your Professional concrete floor polisher will be able to advise you on the different finishes available and suggest which may be the most suitable for your particular situation as they have a working knowledge of them

  • Get Quotes Before you Do it Yourself

Before you decide to polish your floor yourself, get a few quotes from the local concrete floor polishing services. Check with the hire companies to find the cost of renting all the machinery you will need to do the job yourself. Do not forget the cost of the diamond cutting disks; usually, you will need at least different cutting 3 grades and possibly polishing disks as well.

When grinding and polishing concrete floors you will also need the proper safety equipment. Eye protection, dust mask, ear muffs, gloves and protective footwear.

Concrete grinding and polishing produces a large amount of dust, although the machinery used includes dust extractors, it is important to be aware that the whole area needs to be protected from excess dust, so you need to consider the time and cost of cleaning all parts of the building and removing the dust after the floor is finished.


Concrete floor polishing is a highly skilled operation that takes time to master, requiring a variety of expensive specialised surfacing machines and diamond cutting disks and special safety equipment. The job is noisy, dusty and takes care and patience to avoid mistakes that can easily ruin the finished job