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July 8, 2019

What is the process of concrete grinding?

Design options for polished concrete floors include their reflectivity and your colour choice. They can be decorated using patterns or by embedding objects such as aggregates or other objects when pouring the floor. Ask the Gold Cost concrete grinding specialists for ideas to make your floor truly unique.

There are two types of polishing machines, those that use water and the dry method. In most applications the dry method is used because it is quicker, much more convenient and environmentally friendly. All the dust is sucked away by air vacuum and easily disposed of.

The wet method uses water to cool the cutting surface and increases the life of the cutting disks, but the process created a huge amount of sludge that is difficult to clean up and dispose of. Sometimes, depending on the job and conditions, a contractor will use a mixture of the two methods.

The Polishing Process

Concrete floor grinding is usually done in 4, 5 or 6 stages depending on the condition of the floor. The first cut or grind is done with disks that have coarse diamond chips bonded into them to remove all the small imperfections on the surface such as minor stains or coatings, scratches or small pits.

The next steps

Once the initial grind is complete the floor is polished with finer grits of polishing disks until the desired sheen is created on the floor. For a high gloss finish the last polishing would be done using a grit of 1500 to 3,000. This is much the same as cutting and polishing the paint on a vehicle.

During the polishing the operator often adds an impregnation sealer. This compound is totally invisible and sinks into the concrete to strengthen it and protect it as it hardens and densifies.

Once the floor is polished it doesn’t need any topical coatings reducing cleaning and maintenance considerably.

If required your contractor will apply a polishing compound during the final step directly onto the surface leaving a dirt resistant finish.

Floor Grinding Step by step

  • Start by removing any existing coverings to get to the concrete floor
  • The first grind is done using a 16 to 20 grit abrasive diamond cutting disk to remove any sealers and expose the floor
  • All cracks and holes are filled with an epoxy filler
  • The second grind is done with a 30 to 40 grit diamond grinding disk
  • The third grind uses an 80 grid diamond grinding disk
  • The fourth grind uses about a 150 grit diamond disk
  • A chemical hardener is usually the applied to densify the concrete
  • The floor is then polished with a 200 grit diamond disk
  • The second polish uses a 400 grit diamond disk
  • The third polish uses an 800 grit diamond disk
  • The finishing polish is completed using a 1,500 to 3,000 grit diamond disk depending on the desired finish


In simple terms the process of concrete grinding is very similar to sanding a wooden floor; it uses polishing machines to grind the floor until smooth and shiny. The Gold Coast concrete grinding specialists will be able to make a truly unique polished concrete floor to match any design or décor you desire