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November 19, 2018

Top 5 tips for grinding your concrete floor

When renovating your home one of the most important areas is the floor. On The Gold Coast, concrete grinding can easily be done by a competent handyman with the equipment available from some of the hire companies that specialise in providing concrete grinding equipment in the Brisbane area.

These great five top tips will help you grind your concrete floors

  1. Before you start grinding, the first step is to evaluate your floor and consider the type of finishes that are available, the finish you desire and how it fits in with the overall scheme or décor of your home. Do you require a non-slip finish, a light grinding and a sealer coat or high gloss and a full aggregate exposure? All of these can make your old floor look fantastic. The specialist concrete grinding companies on The Gold Coast and in Brisbane have years of experience and can advise you of the best options for your job. Note if there is any damage that needs to be repaired and the type of existing covering that it has
  1. Once you have removed any coverings such as lino, tiles, carpets excreta you can access the floor and make any repairs required before grinding Any holes, cracks or large imperfections need to be filled with the correct filler. This will create a “corrector area” giving the floor a unique look. If you require a more even looking finish you might first need to resurface the whole floor with a top coat of concrete. Ask the friendly guys at any concrete grinding company in Brisbane, they are usually happy to advise you on the best method to use
  1. Grinding with the proper equipment from your local tool hire company is a must. They will give you instructions on the correct way to use the grinding and polishing machines so you can do the best concrete grinding job on The Gold Coast. Grinding floors is really a specialised operation that takes a lot of patience and time. First, you slowly grind with a heavy diamond cut to get the floor even and down to expose the required degree of aggregate, then using a succession of finer cutters to remove any scratches and minor imperfections before the final polish of sealing
  1. Start in one area using a regular, wide, even sweeping motion and do not linger in any area or go over the same spot constantly. Any high spots can be dealt with later, if you over grind in any spot, it can be difficult and expensive to fix so that your floor looks good with the final finish. If you want to completely expose the aggregate the normally
  1. Once you have removed all the scratches and small imperfections you then need to carefully vacuum up any remaining dust before applying the sealer coat. These coats come in either water based or solvent based styles

Getting a great result grinding concrete requires a considerable amount of time and skill. The average home handyman would be well advised to talk to one of the professionals at a concrete grinding company on the Gold Coast before starting the job to get some good advice