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May 14, 2019

Tips For Choosing The Best Type Of Flooring For Your Office Area

An office area is often a place where business is conducted and deals are completed, it needs to complement your business ideals and should have a feel that’s in keeping with and reflects what your business is all about. Your choice of flooring, whether you use a concrete polishing agency in Brisbane to provide the timeless elegance of a highly polished concrete floor or opt for a softer more traditional look such as broadloom carpet or modern vinyl floorings, it’s worth considering all the options as not all flooring systems work best in all locations.

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Traffic levels in your Office

If you have a lot of through traffic in your office, then it would be wise to consider a hard surface that will withstand a lot of traffic and require minimal maintenance such as polished concrete, tiles or marble.

Repairs and Flexibility

Hall ways and entrances are the areas that usually receive the most traffic and wearout or need more repairs than other areas. Choosing flooring that is easy to repair or keep well maintained should be a high priority, especially as repairs can inconvenience your customers, employees and business as a whole.

Ease of Maintenance

Many of the common flooring options are labour intensive and need constant supervision to keep them looking their best. Carpets need regular vacuuming to remove dust and grime. When spills occur on carpets they need immediate action to avoid stains. Vinyl often needs to be stripped and polished. Marble and polished concrete are the two longest wearing options and require only sweeping and mopping regularly.

Service Life

This really depends on the amount of traffic and how well a floor is maintained, so is very difficult to predict. Many businesses are becoming more aware of the effect of different products on our environments, some artificial floor coverings give of volatile chemical compounds and aren’t readily recyclable. Vinyl has recently become more popular due to being inexpensive, easy and quick to install, it’s comfortable to walk on, hygienic, durable, has natural sound absorbing acoustic properties and a reasonably long service life.

Polished concrete floors are by far the longest lasting and lowest maintenance options

Cost Factors

When considering the most suitable flooring options the initial cost may be a major consideration if you’re running on a tight budget, but usually those flooring products with a lower initial cost may prove more expensive in the long term. This is because of their shorter service life and increased upkeep costs.

Hardwood Flooring

Like polished concrete floors, hardwood floors produce the wow factor, although unlike polished concrete they are easily marked and scratched, especially from leather soled footwear with toe and heel plates and women’s high heels. Another disadvantage is the high installation cost and the need for regular resurfacing. But they do give a comfortable feeling and are reasonably easy to clean.

When choosing the right floor covering for your office consider the comfort of those working and visiting there, the amount of maintenance and its working or service life. Often the cheaper initial option can turn out to be more costly in the long run because of quality issues.