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December 12, 2018

The benefits of a polished concrete floor versus tiles or carpet

Polished concrete floors are now very popular all around Australia, they look amazing and are so easy to look after and because of their very long life, they are most economical flooring option on the market today. Whether you have an old building you’re renovating or building a new one it is important to carefully consider the different options available to you.

Some of the advantages polished concrete has over tiles or carpet:

  • Heat Storage and Cooling

Concrete slabs because of their size have a large thermal mass; they can absorb the heat of the sun and warm air during the day and slowly releases it during the night during the winter or colder months. During the summer polished concrete floors help to keep your building cool as the polished concrete floor and slab below cool down at night, during the day they absorb the excess heat.

These floors work very well with radiant floor heating systems which can help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Tiles are good heat conductors, so when you stand on them they quickly transfer the heat away from you and feel cold to the touch. With their low thermal mass, they do not store heat and tend to stop the heat absorption of the concrete slab below preventing you from enjoying the benefits of the concretes thermal properties

  • Cleaning

Polished concrete is very easy to keep clean, it is unable to hold or trap dust and moisture. Wildlife such as insects, mold and fungus can’t live in or on polished concrete, unlike carpets. Polished concrete does not readily absorb moisture so is stain resistant and very good for people who suffer from allergies.

Most carpets have a limited life and are labour intensive, needing to be vacuumed and cleaned often; they are easily stained and damaged by heat or heavy objects

  • Environmentally friendly

There are no hazardous chemicals, cleaners or adhesives used during the installation or grinding and polishing of concrete floors and are never required for cleaning the floor or maintenance

  • Low Maintenance

When you have a polished concrete floor, you will have very few maintenance issues, it never needs to be waxed or stripped down, only swept daily and mopped to remove dirt as needed.

Unlike tiles that are brittle and can be chipped or cracked, polished concrete is almost impossible to damage under normal conditions so there will be no chips or scratches to affect its aesthetics

  • Natural

Polished concrete is a natural product that usually contains a range of earthy colours or tones (unless you opt to add different colours). There are a huge variety of finishes you can choose from. This is a matter of taste and personal preference with finishes that range from matte or a flat look to having your floor polished to a high gloss, mirror type finish. The options include the salt and pepper look with just a few polished stones showing, a full stone highly decorative look or a smoky gray finish.

The old, ageless rustic look that goes with almost anything is very popular as it makes it very easy when you want to change your  décor, or, if inclined, you can go ultra-modern and use some of the latest new stains and finishes that suit your lifestyle

  • Aesthetics

Aesthetics and eye appeal are huge advantages of polished concrete floors, this effect is achieved because of the light reflective properties of the polished concrete that cannot be found in carpets and are rear in tiles.

The smooth, shiny surface of polished concrete helps to improve the ambient lighting of rooms and buildings. When the light is reflected off the polished concrete it can increase the effective illumination by around 30% in rooms, helping to reduce power consumption and power bills

  • Affordability

A polished concrete floor is considered by most people to be the most efficient and cost effective flooring application for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is very durable being able to take heavy pedestrian traffic flows and even vehicles, unlike carpets and tiles that do not stand up well to very high traffic flows. This is why it is now one of the leading flooring methods used today in all types of building around Australia for both inside and outside areas.

Having a professional quality polished concrete floor in your home or any other building will impress your visitors and when you wish to sell it, attract more interest as well as allowing you to ask a higher price


The benefits of a polished concrete floor in your home or at work are easy to understand, there is no need for vacuuming or using hard and hazardous chemicals to keep the floor clean and in perfect condition. Being cheaper than tiles or carpets polished concrete floor are a winner