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Hardcore Concrete Grinding and Polishing were hired to refinish our office floors. We were very happy with the whole process and they have done a great job. Examples they showed us of their work were very impressive and with us having no idea what would work well, they gave us a few great options to choose between. All would have worked great! We decided on a metallic epoxy floor. Which has helped us create a modern office that we can be proud of. They have been outstanding to work with all the way from the first contact to after the floor was finished. I will not hesitate to use them again and I can with no doubt recommend Hardcore Concrete Grinding and Polishing. - Andrew I love my new garage floor, particularly how clean, neat and bright it is ? and no more stains, ever! It feels and looks so good ? just like a real car showroom. Just what I was looking for. - Maria The guys at Hardcore Concrete Grinding handle the flooring removal and slab grinds on our defit jobs. Some of the jobs we hand them are pretty average to say the least but we?re always more than happy with the end result. - Mick