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June 13, 2019

Reasons why polished concrete floor is so popular

Polished concrete floors on the Gold Coast are very popular with new home builds and when renovating existing homes and other buildings. So just why is this budget-friendly option so popular?

·         Durability

One of the main reasons people love polished concrete floors is they will last a lifetime. Even in high traffic and industrial applications if your polished concrete floor was properly installed

·         Budget friendly

Often your building already has a subfloor made of concrete and this is the base that polished to create your polished floor

·         Environmentally Friendly

As you’re usually using existing materials, your existing concrete subfloor, there is no new carbon footprint. Concrete is inert, it does not emit volatile organic compounds like all manmade floor coverings

·         Unique and Beautiful

Each polished concrete floor is unique as its look depending on the type of aggregate used in its making. A polished concrete floor has its own, seamless beauty that blends with traditional or modern design aesthetics

·         Clean and Dust Free

A polished concrete floor is hypoallergenic as it does not harbour dander and dust, mould can’t grow or survive on polished concrete so there are no allergens present

·         Chip, Scratch and Burn Resistant

A polished concrete floor is extremely durable and strong; it is resistant to stains, scratches and even burning. Your children need to be very inventive to damage a polished concrete surface

·         Easy to Clean and Maintain

A polished concrete floor only required daily sweeping and occasional mopping to keep it looking like new

·         Design and Colour Options

Whether you’re working on an existing concrete floor or pouring a new one, there are many design options available, plus the option of any colour you desire. You may choose the colourless natural look of a plain concrete with its aggregate exposed and a finish such as:

·         Matte Finishes on polished concrete floors absorb light and help to enhance the different natural tones of your floor

·         A Low Gloss Finish allows for dome light reflection but adds a sleek appearance

·         A High Sheen Finish allows for a lot of light reflectivity which can enhance the natural lighting. This is the most popular flooring choice

·         A High Gloss Finish makes your polished concrete floor look like a sheet of glass

Other options include textured effects such as tiles or a marble decorative design’s and etchings, acid staining and dyed colours

The options are almost endless, you can create a one off unique and original floor that suits your planned décor or make a natural floor that still looks fantastic but goes with almost anything.

Ask the guys who specialise in creating polished concrete floors on the Gold Coast for some ideas or a quote on your new or existing home, office or shop floor. Apart from saving you from ever having to redo your floor, it increases the resale value of your property.

The reasons polished concrete is now so popular on the Gold Coast is because it’s inexpensive to have done, lasts a lifetime, is easy to clean and maintain, always looks fantastic with very little effort and is super cool in the hot Queensland climate. It also adds to the resale property value.