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July 24, 2019

How to Care for a Concrete Floor

When you have a polished concrete floor on the Gold Coast, there are a few things you need to consider to maintain it in a pristine condition. This is because although your floor is one of the toughest floors available it still requires some routine maintenance. The amount of maintenance depends on the amount and type of traffic using it.

Some advantages of polished concrete flooring

  • There are no joints, groves, grout lines or fibers to trap dirt and grime
  • If sealed, they are stain and water-resistant
  • Simple to clean by either wet or dry mopping
  • They are super pet-friendly, won’t be scratched by claws, muddy paw marks and accidents are easily cleaned
  • Are abrasion resistant
  • They require minimal maintenance, just reapplying sealer every few years

For cleaning polished concrete floors

While concrete floors are being polished, they go through a process of densification which strengthens the surface so they’re very tough and durable. This makes them much easier to look after than other decorative concrete finishes and they don’t require sellers or waxes.

To keep their luster for many years, follow this basic cleaning routine:

  • Dry mop your floor regularly to remove dust, dirt and grit
  • Use a damp mop occasionally with a good quality pH neutral cleaner or a conditioning cleaner designed especially for polished concrete floors. This will make it much easier to remove any grime or dirt with just your mop. They also leave a very slight dirt-resistant film that makes it even easier to dry mop

For Stained Concrete Floors

Usually, stained concrete floors in residential homes have a very low traffic volume, so are easy to keep clean and maintain so they look great for many years.

  • Sweep and dry mop as needed to remove any dirt or grime to reduce any possible abrasive effect
  • Occasionally use a damp mop with a neutral pH balance for deeper cleaning
  • Protect your floor using a good quality sealer and floor wax every few years.

This protects the surface and enhances the colour while adding a nice sheen.

A good quality floor wax gives your floor added protection from stains and abrasion

Tips to help with Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

  • Using floor rugs or mats in doorways, entrances, foyers help’s to reduce wear, especially outdoor mats that are designed to trap sand, dirt and dust and keep it outside
  • Always clean up spills as soon as possible as concrete is porous
  • Only use clean water or approved pH neutral polished concrete floor cleaners and conditioners as harsh cleaners can damage the surface
  • Use Microfiber cleaning pads for dry and wet mopping

Talk with the guys who do polished concrete floors on the Gold Coast if you have any problems or queries about looking after your floor. A polished concrete floor is the easiest type of flooring to keep clean and it’s also one of the least expensive flooring options available which is why it’s so popular.