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Sealing and Grinding Concrete Gold Coast, Brisbane

Concrete Grinding Gold Coast, Brisbane

"grind and seal" is a cost effective method than can be utilized to produce an attractive extremely hard wearing low maintenance floor similar to polished concreteConcrete Grinding is fast becoming popular with architects, interior designers and home renovators due to the different methods of preparation and sealing being able to produce anything from a raw edgy - industrial look through to a perfect high gloss full aggregate exposure floor with real wow factor.Similar diamond grinding processes are used as with polished concrete

Concrete Grinding Process

In the first grinding step course diamonds are used to remove the top layer of concrete and expose aggregate to the desired levelLight Initial grinding will reveal small amounts of aggregateHeavy grinding will result in full exposure of all aggregate belowAfter the initial grind progressively finer diamonds are used to smooth the concrete and remove scratch marks after this the floor is thoroughly vacuumed and the appropriate sealer is appliedChoosing the right sealer is very importantWhat level of traffic will it sustain?Does it need to be slip resistant?We offer a large range of high quality water based and solvent based sealer and can advise on which will best suit your needs

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