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April 10, 2019

Best Floors to Increase Home Resale Value

The floor is often the first thing people notice when entering your home. It tends to set the tone for the whole place and so is a very important aspect to consider when wishing to increase its resale value. Probably the two most impressive flooring styles are hardwood and polished concrete flooring. Most real estate agents would agree that having either of these, it’s almost guaranteed to make selling your home much easier and helps you to realise a better price.

Which one is better really depends on the individual situation and the home. Many modern homes have a concrete pad as a foundation so it is quite easy to polish these to get a great modern look

Choose flooring that suits the room

There are two things that matter when choosing flooring one is how it looks and the other is how it works for everyday use. The main thing for saleability is that all the floors, of all areas in your home flow together. Having many different types of flooring in the home generally does not give a good flow through effect and often, buyers don’t like the look of patchwork flooring or colours that clash, so keep an eye on the big picture and overall effect

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Many people like to have the whole home in polished concrete or hardwood, but often the bathroom and kitchen are better done in a softer option that blends in well, so gives a nice flow. This is because wet areas do not favour hardwood floors and often a softer feel than concrete is more appropriate, a good option could be nonslip tiles.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

These areas, especially in the warm climate of Queensland suit both hardwood and polished concrete as they can both be made to bring out the best features of a building.


Hardwood floors are an all time favourite with many people because of the warm, natural feel they impart, but they have a downside in that they are hard to maintain in perfect condition and need to be resurfaced especially in heavy traffic areas such as doorways and halls. Hardwood is also relatively expensive both to purchase and install.

Polished concrete has the clear advantage because it’s long lasting and can be maintained easily with just a daily sweep and mopping weekly.

If you already have hardwood floors, then the best thing is to have them restored as badly worn or marked floors are unattractive. They can be expensive to install and you’re unlikely to recover the cost, but if you intend to live in the property for a few years, then it becomes a better practical proposition.

If you have a concrete pad or foundation then it is relatively inexpensive to have the guys at one of the Concrete Polishing companies in Brisbane turn it into a highly polished and very attractive floor so ask for a quote.

There is no doubt a floor’s condition has a big impact on a home’s saleability. Hardwood floors, high cost, as well as the cost of maintaining them has meant many people now prefer concrete floors. This is because of their modest cost and the fact that they will last for generations.