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February 25, 2019

Benefits of Concrete Floor Over Tiles

There are good reasons why polished concrete floors are so popular, a few years ago, it was tiled floors that were the rage and before that, it was polished timber. Carpet has never been overly popular in warmer climates in the way it is, where it’s so practical to use as a warm floor covering. In Brisbane, Polished Concrete floors are used extensively in home’s schools, shops, hospitals and industrial complexes.

The benefits over tiles

The benefits are simple to understand

  • Polished concrete is much more durable and easier to keep clean. Liquid spills can be easily dealt with by giving a quick mop which will leave no trace; dry spills are quickly dealt with by sweeping
  • A polished floor requires only a quick weekly mopping with mild soapy water to remove any grit and grime buildup. Apart from that, all it needs is a touch up every few years with a professional polishing machine to retain its shine and luster
  • Some well-maintained concrete floors are still going strong after over a hundred years of use so they really do show a good return on the time and money you spend on them
  • Polished concrete is much cheaper to install about a third of the cost of tiles.
  • A basic polished floor starts at a few dollars a square foot; tiles need the concrete base to be properly cleaned and leveled before they can be laid. They then need to be grouted so are quite labour intensive. Ceramic tiles cost from $11 to $30 per square foot. Natural stone tiles cost from $20 to $65 per square foot. Polishing your concrete floor costs from $3 to $18 per square foot, this represents a considerable saving whether your build a new home or doing up an old floor
  • Polished concrete floors are a great resale feature in any building as they tend to be in natural earthy type shades and colours that blends in with any decor making them the perfect background to introduce other textures and designs
  • Unlike tiles polished concrete floors are surprisingly warm in the cooler months as the hold the warm the well. They also tend to be cooler in the hot months which helps to reduce your overall energy cost
  • A polished concrete floor is capable of reflecting light cutting down on elimination costs
  • Tiles can be very slippery if they get wet while polished concrete surfaces tend to be anti-slip unless you have a very high shine which is not recommended in areas that can become wet like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. These areas a special non slip finish can be applied by the experts at Brisbane Polished Concrete
  • Tiles tend to be quite noisy while polished concrete is acoustically pleasing absorbing sounds, so does not announce your movements from one area to another
  • Polished Concrete floors will not crack when heavy objects are dropped on them as tiles are known to do and they never delaminate.


With all the advantages of polished concrete floors it only makes sense to look at having them installed in your existing building or insist on them when having a new building constructed. When incorporated into the original design they offer huge cost advantages over other flooring options