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April 25, 2019

5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Floors

A polished concrete floor is the most durable flooring option available today, they require less maintenance than other flooring systems; so many people have concrete floor polishing companies in Brisbane install them in their homes or offices.

Like all types of flooring, they need some maintenance to protect their lasting beauty and longevity. These five tips will help preserve your polished concrete floor for generations:

  1. Daily Maintenance

You will have spills on your floor, so whenever this occurs, clear them up as soon as possible. This is because of the porous nature of concrete and its ability to soak up liquids. This could leave stains that are difficult to remove.

The amount of maintenance depends on the amount of traffic and where it’s coming from. In the home, there is usually very little dirt so only a light sweeping is in order.

In commercial applications with heavy foot traffic carrying in outdoor grime, a polished concrete floor would probably require daily mopping to remove any abrasive dust particles. These dust particles can be attracted to the micro-voids in the concrete and if left there, grind on the surface, damaging its shine and clarity over time

  1. Weekly Maintenance

For polished concrete floors in the home, they usually benefit by being dry mopped once a week to remove any grime or dust particles.

Commercial high traffic floors need to be wet mopped at least once a week using a pH neutral floor cleaner to remove all dirt, debris and grime (or more frequently if there is a high dirt build-up). On large floors work systematically, doing one area with a wet mop then drying it, ensuring all cleanser residue is removed before moving to the next overlapping area. If any residue is left it will need additional cleaning to remove it to maintain the integrity of the floor.

Never use any cleaning agents that contain acids, ammonia, bleach or strong alkaline solutions as these will damage the high polish of the floor.

  1. Monthly Maintenance

For home floors, it is a good idea to give them a good mopping once a month to remove any built up grime or dust. This will ensure your floor will last for generations without needing any further maintenance.

For commercial floors with heavy traffic flows, it is often advantageous to have the floors rebuffed with a commercial polishing machine every month or so to keep them looking their best.

  1. Yearly maintenance

For polished floors in the home, office or very light traffic areas, there is no further maintenance needed after the normal daily, weekly and monthly maintenance.

Commercial floors need yearly repolishing.

  1. Renewing the shine

When you have a polished concrete floor in your home, they are very easy to keep looking great with a minimal amount of effort.

For floors in heavy traffic areas, it’s sometimes necessary to have your concrete polishing company in Brisbane go over your floors every year or so to restore its full shine.

One of the most cost-effective flooring options available today is polished concrete floors for the home or commercial use. They are tough and durable needing minimal maintenance compared to any other type of flooring and can last for years if well maintained.