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October 23, 2019

5 Tips for Increasing Life of Polished Concrete Flooring

Having a polished concrete flooring in Brisbane is now one of the most popular new flooring options both for new and existing homes. This is because of its initial cost and the fact that it’s so durable and easy to maintain.

To get the best from your floor of polished concrete in Brisbane, try these tips:

  1. Daily cleaning

Clean your floor every day using a microfiber pad. This removes all the small particles of grit and dust that can grind away at your floor as people walk over it, destroying the luster.

  1. Weekly cleaning

In most domestic situations, it’s best to wet mop the floor using clean water and a clean mop once a week. In areas of high traffic flow or where there is a lot of dirt carried onto the floor you may need to use a pH neutral floor cleaner that is designed for polished concrete floor. Never use vinegar, ammonia, bleaches, citrus or pine based cleaners, as these will damage the highly polished surface and affect the shine.

The proper polished concrete floor cleaners easily lift the particles of dirt without an abrasive action, suspending them in the wash water, so they are easily removed leaving your floor spotlessly clean.

  1. Cleaning Method

Mop the cleaning solution onto the surface and allow sufficient time for it to pick up any particles before mopping up with a clean mop. Grease and other hard to remove sticky substances may require longer soaking times and a repeat application.

For the best results a systematic approach works well; start in one area, then move on to the next ensuring you cover the whole floor.

It’s important not to allow the cleaning solution to dry out on the floor when mopping otherwise it will be much harder to remove both the dirt and the cleaning residue.

  1. Spills and Stains

For best results clean up any spill as soon as possible to prevent the liquid penetrating the concrete and causing a stain. When the floor is first polished it is highly stain resistant, but being concrete unless sealed it will absorb stains.

  1. Restoring the Shine

If looked after a polished concrete floor in Brisbane it will last for many years with minimal effort, but in areas of high traffic flow or where grit such as sand or dirt is walked on to the floor it may require polishing once every few years. By passing a high speed burnishing machine over the surface you can quickly recover the highly polished surface, bring back the original shine.

You can re-polish the floor yourself as needed or have it done commercially at a very reasonable cost.

Under normal circumstances and by observing some simple basic maintenance procedures a polished concrete floor in Brisbane will last for many years. It should be dry mopped using a microfiber pad daily or as needed Once a week it should be mopped with clean water or using a solution containing a neutral PH cleaner. Systematically clean the floor without allowing the solution to dry out on the floor. Always remove spills quickly to avoid stains and burnish the floor very few years if need to restore the shine.